ABMEv.jl is a user friendly package aimed at simulating the evolutionary dynamics of a population in a multidimensional space. The framework, which mathematically corresponds to a point process, models discrete individuals that experience the 4 basic processes that characterise evolution: reproduction, selection, mutation and migration.

Graphical representation of how agents can be structured in ABMEv.jl

Graphical representation of how agents can be structured in ABMEv.jl. In this scenario, agents have a neutral trait $u_1$ that is not under selection, an adaptive traits $s$ that is selected against, and are geographically structure over the vertices of a graph. The scatter plots shows the local trait distribution on two vertices which select for different trait values $\theta_\circ, \theta_\bullet$.


HighDimPDE.jl provides solvers for highly dimensional, non-local, nonlinear PDEs. It is integrated within the Sci-ML ecosystem (see below). Try it out! 😃 If you want to learn more about the algorithms implemented, check out my research interests.

Sci-ML Scientific Machine Learning Software

I am actively participating in the development of the Sci-ML ecosystem in the Julia programming language. On top of being the author of HighDimPDE.jl, I am involved in the developement of other packages such as DiffEqFlux.jl, a library to train differential equations with data.