I’m Victor, a third year Ph.D candidate in the Landscape Ecology Group at ETH Zürich and at the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow & Landscape (WSL), Switzerland.

My Ph.D aims at better understanding the drivers behind diversification processes in biological and economic systems. I conduct my investigations with mathematical models capturing eco-evolutionary dynamics. In parallel, I develop machine learning methods to empower these models and obtain an agreement with empirical data. I believe that the combination of mechanistic models and machine learning provides a powerful approach to better understand and forecast the dynamics of real ecosystems and economies. This is crucial for policy-makers to take the right decisions, in the face of potentially important ecosystem changes and accelerating threats.

Check out my research projects 🔬 and the softwares 🧑🏽‍💻 I have developped. My CV can be found here. Besides work, I am passionate about alpine adventures and spend my freetime climbing and going down mountains 🏔 , be it with bare hands, ice-axes, skis, or mountainbikes. You can check out my alpine CV here.

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Highly dimensional non-local non-linear PDEs

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Phenotypic diversity in Hemerocallis. Plants can be caracterised by many different traits, all of which can be assigned numerical values: Flower colour, Specific Leaf Area (SLA), seed mass, Plant nitrogen fixation capacity, Leaf shape, Flower sex, plant woodiness. Source: H Cui et al. 2019.